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If your dream is to fly high above the clouds and around the world in a hot air balloon, then we have the perfect game for you at Gala Bingo.

This devilishly simple game will keep you guessing and reward you for your efforts! Yes, this is an easy to play guessing game, but it has some great payouts - and if you're willing to place big stakes then you can expect big returns from this game. Imagine all the places you would love to visit if you hit the jackpot, and the Around the World game will show you them all! With bright, cartoon style graphics you'll see New York, Paris and London, amongst all the other great places in the world, in this exciting game. Different types of transport also feature in this fun, vibrant game, including a hot air balloon, steam train and even a retro bi-plane.

With simple, sleek gameplay, the Around the World game is so simple to play for both experienced gamers and new players alike. To get started, simply choose how much you want to bet by using the arrows and click the ‘start' button. Watch the wheel spin and land on a number. Now, you must guess whether you think the next number will be higher or lower. The wheel will spin again and if your guess was correct, you'll see the next step of the path light up! Keep guessing to move around the board and visit all the different locations to get your payout. If your guess is wrong, you'll receive a ‘strike' – two strikes and you're out of the game.

A simple concept, but a fun game that will see you going round the world to get your jackpot! With plenty of payouts and bright, fun graphics, why not try the Around the World online game at today?