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When it comes to adorable slot games that are barrels of fun, Cute & Fluffy from Gala Bingo takes some beating.

We've ramped up the "Awwww" factor with this fantastic slot game, which pays tributes to our furry friends. A gorgeous puppy and kitten guides you through this 25 play-line slot, which has some great bonus features and a fun and friendly theme.

The trick here is for find Fluffy the dog's bone or Cute the kitten's wide-eyed face as they will unlock the cash! Cute is the scatter symbol, which offers scatter pay-outs when three or more Cute symbols appear anywhere on the reels, whilst five Fluffy symbols in an enabled pay-line lead to a fixed jackpot pay-out of 10,000 coins. 

To access the bonus round, you need to find Fluffy's bone. When the bonus Bone symbol appears on a reel it drops a bone on the plate below the reel. When four bones are collected in any plate, the Collective Bonus round is triggered and offers you the player four times the total bet as a bonus and five free spins with a two times multiplier. What's more, the bonus bones are kept in your plate even if you leave the game and re-enter!

This fun-filled game offers excellent graphics, great animations and lots of innovative little features, making it a great addition to the slot game selection at

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