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It might have been thought of as something of a pub sport, but not anymore! Darts is a big deal and now, at Gala Bingo, you can win big with the cool new Darts game.

Darts is enjoying a huge boom in popularity and Darts captures the game perfectly, catering to the sport's newest fans as well as its traditional players and followers. It's no wonder why this game is quickly proving to be so popular! Darts adds a new dimension to the game by allowing you to bet on the players' throws. There are three types of bet to make in this game, the first of which is that any of the three darts thrown will hit a particular part of the board – namely singles, doubles, trebles and the inner or outer bull.

If you prefer, you can also bet that the darts will hit a particular combination a certain number of times, from zero to three. The combinations can be based on the colours of the different sections of the dart board (eg, black or white) or on the different rings. The third type of bet is simply a bet on the total score – between 3 and 38, between 39 and 41 or between 42 and 180. It really is that simple. Once you've placed your bet, then you'll see three darts thrown towards the dart board. If the scores are right, you could hit a cool jackpot – especially as there is a progressive jackpot in this game that just keeps on growing! If all three of your darts hit the bullseye, you'll pick up the progressive jackpot.

So pick up your arrows and let's play darts! Sign up to play Darts today at GalaBingo.com.