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Bet on the role of the dice with Dice Twister – another exciting game from Gala Bingo.

Dice Twister could see you win cash purely on the throw of three dice. Yes, it really is that simple. Correctly pick the number thrown by the die and you could enjoy a great cash prize. Dice Twister is a simple to play game that offers you up to 20 different bets before the dice are thrown. Amongst these, you can bet on whether the total number thrown will be high or low, odd or even, one of a kind, two of a kind or three of a kind or you could bet on the exact number.

Also look out for two and three of a kind, these could multiply your winnings by as much as 15x! In this fun and fast-paced game, the traditional method of betting is made even more exciting thanks to the bright and bold graphics and smooth animations.

The online game of Dice Twister is simple to use and fun to play, with all the information about pay-outs and bets shown clearly on the pay-table. This makes it easy if you are new to the game. Once you have placed all the bets that you would like to, click ‘spin' and the dice will frantically twist and turn, eventually landing in a final combination that could provide you with a fantastic pay-out.

If you want to see just how fun this darts game can be, sign up to GalaBingo.com today and spin the dice in Dice Twister!