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Reworking the ever-popular Keno game, the Fortune Keno online game at Gala Bingo brings you all the mystery and magic of a gypsy fortune teller combined with the potential for gathering some excellent payouts.

In this superbly animated online game, you're transported to a magical space where a green-eyed fortune teller is reading a sparkling crystal ball next to a large keno board. Thanks to the clear and bright graphics, keeping track of your gameplay is simple. Combined with the easy-to-read paytable at the bottom of the game screen, Fortune Keno is a fantastic online game that is both simple to play and easy to enjoy!

Like the traditional keno game, you must choose your numbers from the market board before playing. Choose from between two and ten numbers per game and click to select them. Then select your different bet size, and whether you would like to play in one or five rounds. This number of flexible betting options makes this a great game for those who are new to online keno or those who are a little more experienced and more comfortable with larger bets. Once you click ‘play' on Fortune Keno, the crystal ball of the fortune teller swirls into action, with glittering sparkles flying out of the ball and landing on the keno board. If these lights land on your selected numbers, they light up and you win a payout. If the lights land elsewhere, the number is singed.

Stylish, clear graphics and simple-to-operate gameplay make the Fortune Keno online game at a must for any fan of online gaming.