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If you want a completely new and exciting approach to online baccarat, In-running Baccarat Live at Gala Bingo could be exactly what you are looking for.

In-running Baccarat Live takes the traditional and popular casino game and adds even more thrills and excitement. Not only are you playing online baccarat with a live dealer, you're also playing for bonus side-pots with the option of in-running bets.

In-running Baccarat Live lets you play online baccarat with a professional dealer. High quality video will allow you to see the cards as they're drawn as if the dealer is sat across the table from you and the simple to use betting interface makes it easy to play. In-running Baccarat Live also adds an extra dimension with the in-running side bets, which could see you boost your return on each winning hand. In-running Baccarat Live really is a great game for people who want to add a little bit more excitement to this already fun and thrilling game.

By playing In-running Baccarat Live at, you are also playing with complete peace of mind. Not only are you playing with a live dealer who is drawing hands that you can see over a HD quality video stream, instead of playing against a random number generator, you are also playing with the UK's leading casino name.

So what are you waiting for? See how much more exciting online baccarat can be with In-running Baccarat Live from