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If you're a fan of classic pub games, then Jackpot Darts Progressive at Gala Bingo is a must-play!

Bold graphics and great animation make this a fantastic game for new and more experience online gamers alike, and the progressive jackpot is sure to appeal to those high rollers who like to play with larger stakes. There's also a good range of betting options available in Jackpot Darts Progressive online game at Gala Bingo, which means that you've got plenty of chances to win as well as being able to control exactly how much you're betting and on what.

Just like your favourite pub game, Jackpot Darts Progressive is designed to mimic a dartboard set up exactly, with a round chequered board in the centre of a wooden cupboard. Similarly to the traditional pub set up of darts, you've also got a blackboard that shows your current bets, the score of the darts, and what you've won, and an interface on the right where you select your different betting variants. When you play darts in the pub, the aim of the game is to get as close to zero as possible, ending on a double: in Jackpot Darts Progressive, you get to choose a whole range of betting options instead! Choose from scoring 3, 2, 1 or none in trebles, doubles or singles alongside whether you will score a bullseye, whether the total score is high, medium or low, and which individual numbers you will hit.

Choose the right combination of bets and you'll be coming home with the jackpot prize: just choose carefully to gain the most lucrative prizes! Make sure you give Jackpot Darts Progressive online game at GalaBingo.com a try today.