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Swing through the jungle and roar your way to a jackpot fit for the King of the Jungle with Kong Scratch at Gala Bingo.

This themed scratch card is based around the adventures in the Hollywood blockbuster, King Kong. Officially, the game is called Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World and it's really no wonder as to why it's so popular. You'll find the fantastic characters from the movie, hiding underneath the scratch panels, including the beautiful Anna Darrow, along with the brave Jack Driscoll and Captain Engelhorn. Other symbols include dinosaurs and the Kong logo.

The game is much like many of the other scratch cards on offer at Gala Bingo and it's really simple to play, making it the perfect casino game for scratch card beginners. To play, you simply need to place your wager, which can be anywhere from $0.50 - $10 per card. The maximum pay-out is an impressively big jackpot of $100,000, if you wager the maximum amount. Gameplay is really simple. There are six scratch panels and you need to scratch them all to reveal the symbols hidden underneath. The aim is to match the prize symbol to your symbols. You can choose to reveal the symbols one by one, or select ‘scratch all' to uncover all of the panels at once. You can also choose the ‘auto play' function so you can play several games at once, even if you need to nip out for a while.

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