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Gala Bingo is proud to present the bingo board that packs a pop – Pop Bingo!

The game of bingo is currently enjoying a renaissance at halls up and down the country, as well as in its online format – boasting a whole feast of different variants on the classic style. Even in all its various forms, the aim of the game stays the same throughout – mark down the numbers called out or displayed on your card, and try to win a prize for getting a line or ‘full house' of corresponding numbers.

Pop Bingo brings its own distinctive sense of style to the game of Bingo, as the right hand side of your screen fills with a giant colourful and quirky bingo board numbered from 1 to 90. On the left; your own bingo card which is refreshed by clicking on "New Card". Select the amount that you'd like to bet with, then just click play and get ready for some Pop Bingo fun!

Once play commences, the lucky numbers you'll need start to pop up from beneath the bingo board, landing on different numbers on the board. Your card lights up as the numbers you're looking for are highlighted, and if you're lucky enough to get one you need, the number called turns into a bright red button on your card. Looking at the top of the screen you'll see an easy-to-follow pay table, which shows what your potential pay-out will be if you meet the required number of ‘pops'. If you get the full house within 40 pops, you'll hit the 1000-coin jackpot!

With its lively graphics and pleasant sounds, GalaBingo.com presents a new and unique offering on the classic game of Bingo; get ready for Pop Bingo and win big!