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It's time to rock around the clock and win big prizes, courtesy of Gala Bingo.

Once you've done your best Fonzie impression and the jukebox lights up, the aim of the game is to collect the music-themed symbols on the jukebox – the gold disc, guitar, harmonica and drum are all worth coins if you can match a set of them. The chat feature on the game even allows you to talk to friends while you try to spin and win – adding a great social element to what's already sure to be some rockin' fun.

There are no clever strategies needed to win big here– don't worry about trying to activate wild cards and scatter symbols; all the pay-outs come just from spinning the reels. That's what makes Rock n Roller a great choice for the novice gamer. It's a traditional Vegas-style game, so naturally players should keep their eyes open for the Jackpot symbol – represented by every rock n roll artist's dream, the Platinum Disc. If you can get three of them in a winning pay-line, you could win as much as 700 coins in one fell swoop!

The look and feel of the game is just like being back in the rock n roll era; with a swinging soundtrack and slick, cool graphics to boot – coupled with all the thrills of a potential pay-out, there's so much fun to be had! Getting started is easy – just sign in, and click the +/- buttons to choose the amount with which you wish to bet, and then on how many lines you wish to play. One click of your mouse on Bet Max means you can place your bets against all of the pay-lines.

Rock n Roller is available now from – don't forget your jukebox money!