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With stylish animation and eye-catching graphics, Roller Coaster Dice is a treat for all those who like their gaming to be easy to play and lots of fun along with it, courtesy of Gala Bingo.

Dice has for a long time been a popular form of betting game; players simply bet on the result of the next roll of a pair of dice. It's thought that betting on dice is one of the oldest pastimes in the book; steeped in tradition and even in religious ceremonies, where outcomes of specific events were determined by a roll of dice or some similar marked object. Obviously you need Lady Luck on your side when playing dice, but it's still believed that players can affect the outcome in their favour by carrying out superstitions such as blowing on the dice. Roller Coaster Dice is an incredibly easy game to play, making it an ideal choice for players new to gaming online. It also provides a welcome break for those who are used to a bigger gaming challenge and just need to let off some steam with a lucky roll or two.

Simply sign into the website, select Roller Coaster Dice, and you're almost ready to roll! Using the +/- symbols, select the amount of money you'd like to bet, and click play. Two dice will whoosh onto your screen, backed by all the sights and sounds of the fun fair. Once they land, simply bet on whether the next roll of the dice will result in a total score that's higher or lower than the current result. Once you've won enough to hit a pay-out level, you can either stick with the winnings you have, or else keep pressing on to try to hit the jackpot!

The maximum bet is 100 coins per roll, and the incremental betting system favours players who like to play it safe with a small stake, as well as the ‘high rollers' who like to risk it big. Either way, Roller Coaster Dice at is sure to please.