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Get ready to do battle and play against the greatest fighters in the Playtech universe with the exciting Ultimate Fighters slots at Gala Bingo. Prepare your weapons, practice your best moves and prepare to win some very real cash with a firm slots favourite.

Channel your inner ninja and prepare to fight for your winnings with this three reel online video slot game. With eight paylines and a bonus game, there’s plenty to keep your skills honed and ready for action. If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter 2, then you’ll recognise some familiar themes with this game and much like the popular games, expect to come back for more! With a vibrant street fighter theme, fun characters and realistic sound effects, this slots game has plenty to offer.

The main symbols for this slot game have very recognisable faces, like Pai, Korea Kid, and Ninja Garden. The scatter symbol is the dragon and can give you an instant win, depending on how many are scattered on the paylines. There’s also a unique bonus game and when you see three lucky Golden Buddha symbols, the bonus round will begin in the form of a classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game. There are three rounds in this bonus round, where you have to defeat your opponents. If you overcome your enemies, you’ll be rewarded with eight times your winnings.

For an adrenaline filled adventure, Ultimate Fighters is the perfect slots game for you. Play online today at GalaBingo.com!