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Gala Bingo brings the excitement of the world's greatest superheroes to your gaming experience – can you defeat the evil Magneto?

Marvel Comics' mutant heroes, the X-Men are brought to life onscreen, with all the thrilling graphics of the comics and the exciting sounds of the movie trilogy. Spin to win as our heroes go up against the might of the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by the evil genius Magneto.

Each character brings their own powers to the game, coming to life as they appear on this 5-reel, 25-payline game. Watch for X-Men leader Cyclops as he unleashes his Optic Blast power; a red flash of energy bursting forth from his eyes, or Wolverine's devastating adamantium claws protracting from his knuckles. Villainess Mystique is a shape-shifter who can take on different forms at will, while Juggernaut is quite simply an unstoppable force. These fun animations bring a real sense of adventure to proceedings.

Unlocking and winning a free game will take you into one of two bonus modes: Heroes and Villains. Look out for different symbols in each mode, and discover new ways to win with each band of mutants. Another exciting addition to the game is the four-level Marvel Mystery jackpot, a randomly-triggered game that gives players the chance to play for a huge progressive jackpot. Click on squares on the grid to reveal hidden symbols for the various jackpot levels – and you could walk away from the Marvel Mystery with a big win.

If you're looking for a great game with one of the most popular comic book franchises in the world then why not check out X-Men from GalaBingo.com – it's sure to bring out the gaming geek!