Chat Game: Trinity

Chat Game: Trinity

This chat game is THREE and easy!

Play Bingo

The Chat Moderator will announce when the game is to be played and Roomies hoping to win must have a ticket for the Bingo Game that’s playing when it’s ready to start.

Players choose THREE numbers from 1 to 90 and the first player to type “TRINITY” when all three numbers are called wins!

Now, here’s where you can turn up the treble.

If you win you can then choose to take the prize or risk it. If you decide to risk it and ANY of your three numbers are called within 25 calls on the next bingo game in that room, you’ll win £3!

If any of your three numbers is called after 25 calls, you’ll win £2 but if no number is called, it’s no pounds!

Do the triple jump – look out for Trinity!