Chat Game: Take a Chance

Chat Game: Take a Chance

No it’s not an ABBA song; it’s a chance to win three times over!

Play Bingo

The Chat Moderator will announce when the game is to be played and Roomies hoping to win must have a ticket for the Bingo Game that’s playing when it’s ready to start.

Players choose ONE number from 1 to 90 by typing in the following format: “9” for 9 etc.

The first player to type “Take A Chance” when their number is called wins back their stake on the bingo game being played when the game is called!

The chance to take is this – if you win you’ll have the option of keeping it or ‘taking a chance’ on the next bingo game to win an even higher prize depending on which call your number appears.

If you do ‘take a chance’ and your number is called in the next game before 15 calls then the winnings will be THREE times the original prize!

If your number is called before 30 calls, then you win DOUBLE the winnings!

You do not have to claim on the second round.  

Go on, you’ve got a fighting chance!