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Chat Host: Andrea


Meet Andrea

Brown-eyed girl Andrea would like to treat George Clooney to a good old fashioned home cooked meal. She plans to take him to Heavenchoc too!

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What is your favourite takeaway?
I'm not very fond on take away, I prefer home made meal.

Which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party?
George Clooney of course :)

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for or do you think you should be mistaken for?
Penelope Cruz, Spanish actress. Both of us have brown hair, brown eyes.

Which movie title would best depict your life story?
mmm no answer for this question yet :(

If you could create your own chocolate bar, what name would you give it and what would be the ingredients?
It would be called Heavenchoc. Dark choc and almonds mmmmm.

What do you like most about your job as a Chat Host?
I love talking to new people that I would not normally get the opportunity too. Sharing in their experiences and getting to know them. Talking to them about their kids, their hols, their problems and new projects; everything.

It's fab having a good ole natter and a laugh with roomies. It feels like I've known them  for years.

It's like a big extended family.

I also love when a roomie wins a big jackpot. The friendly and happy atmosphere in the room when that happens.