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Chat Host: Emma


Meet Emma

If she manages to pluck up the courage, Emma says she'll go in a shark cage one day but after finding out that she's quite clumsy, we're not sure that's such a great idea!


My happiest day working at Gala Bingo:

Probably my second day – I had such a ball on my first day so I was just so relieved that I was being allowed back lol

I ‘Play Happy' with:

Whack a Mole - it's fun, free, fast and just frustrating enough to keep me going back for more lol

Claim to fame:

I used to work at the Royal Albert Hall and once let a door swing in Liza Minnelli's face! I was in a rush and didn't know she was behind me until it was too late - not my proudest moment!

You'd be surprised to learn that:

I have a fear of wooden spoons!

Strictly, X Factor or Big Brother?

Sorry but I have to go with ‘I'm a Celebrity' because I just love watching all those celebs suffer haha!

My guiltiest pleasure:

Bad Christmas movies, any time of year - just love them lol