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Chat Host: Michelle


Meet Michelle

Chocaholic Michelle gets mistaken for Jodie Foster by an old man in Spain every day. Just as well one of her favourite meals is ‘Silence of the Lamb Tikkas'!

What is your favourite takeaway?
My fave takeaway is Indian. I luurvve spicy foods. I love Lamb Tikka with rice, onion bahji and samosas. In fact I could actually eat all the starters lol. I love Chinese and Italian too. Ooh there's just too many to choose from!

Which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party?
My fav celeb would be Alan Carr. He would be such a giggle and can imagine he would dish out lots of celeb gossip when he is tipsy. There would be a lots of mischief too haha.

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for or do you think you should be mistaken for?
When I moved to Spain, there was a lovely elderly Spanish man who spoke a little English and I would see him every morning when walking the kids to school he would always say I reminded him of someone in the movies, after about 4 weeks he shouted at me a cross the road. I remember, you are Jodie Foster HAHA. He calls it me every time I see him now lol.

Which movie title would best depict your life story?
I don't know which movie would best depict my life. I am very clumsy, messy, can be quiet tomboy and bit slobby and I snort a lot when I laugh haha. I come out with really silly things as I speak before I think so I would say the closest movie to resemble me would probably be ‘Miss Congeniality' lol.

If you could create your own chocolate bar, what name would you give it and what would be the ingredients?
I am a huge chocoholic so it would have to be all my fav chocolate bars rolled in to one. Dime Bars, Galaxy, Lindt chocolate, Twirl, Thorntons, and Twix with caramel and Oreo biscuit centre and a hint of Baileys and I would call it Dreamalicious LOL.(Think I would end up very sick hahaha. Death by Chocolate)

What do you like most about your job as a Chat Host?
I love talking to new people that I would not normally get the opportunity too. Sharing in their experiences and getting to know them.

It's fab having a good ole natter and a laugh with roomies. It feels like I've known them  for years.
It's like a big extended family.