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Chat Host: Ken


Meet Ken

I'm at my happiest when:
I have my five a day! That's when I manage to eat all five pieces of fruit in a day, and don't forget how many I have already had lol

My happiest day working at Gala Bingo:
Every day's a happy day at work –helping our players and making sure they enjoy every visit puts a smile on my face : )

The one thing I couldn't live without:
A sense of humour! It is the ability to be able to laugh in the toughest of times that will make you feel free

You'd be surprised to learn that:
I am a qualified performance car tuning specialist! Having a keen interest in motor vehicles, I spent several years working as a mechanic

The happiest day of my life:
The day I took my nephew to the circus, we met and had our photo taken with Spongebob Squarepants!