Gala Bingo raises €620,000 for kindness charity, 52 Lives

Gala Bingo has raised over €620,000 for its charity partner 52 Lives, after four years of donations and special charity bingo games.

52 Lives is a kindness charity that changes someone’s life for the better every single week of the year, whether that’s paying for medical equipment or supporting local communities.

Through its series of fundraising events, GalaBingo.com, the UK’s favourite online bingo site, with its customers, has now raised an impressive £620,477.49 which has helped to improve the lives of people across the UK.

Last year it hosted 52 special bingo games, where 100% of the proceeds went straight to the charity. On top of this, Gala Bingo donated an additional £52,000 to the cause to help 52 Lives reach even more people in need.

The money raised has allowed the charity to increase its support of individuals and local communities, from elderly care homes to people struggling with self-isolation.

52 Lives recently helped Charlie, from Borehamwood, who collapsed last year after suffering a bleed on the brain. Charlie was on life support for two months and is now paralysed down the right side of his body, so he can no longer walk unaided.

Having been discharged early from hospital, he had to turn to private rehab therapy, but this is incredibly expensive. With funds raised by Gala Bingo, 52 Lives was able to buy Charlie some of the rehabilitation equipment he so desperately needed, helping to ease the financial pressure on his family.

Gala Bingo’s donations also enabled the charity to help Liam, a 58-year-old man who has Multiple Sclerosis. Stiffness and muscle pain meant he could no longer use his wheelchair, massively reducing his sense of independence. Liam’s wife, Laura, does an incredible job caring for him, but he would love to be able to support himself again.

Unfortunately, Liam isn’t eligible for intensive rehabilitation on the NHS, which is what a medical professional advised as the best course of action. That’s when 52 Lives stepped in, funding physiotherapy sessions to help Liam realign his body and reduce his pain, allowing him to use his wheelchair once more.

Liam’s wife said: “This has changed all of our lives and made this terrible illness a lot more bearable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”