Can you work out these spring brainteasers in under 60 seconds?

To celebrate the start of spring, leading bingo site Gala Bingo has created some brain teasers that will make even the most eagle-eyed person scratch their head.

Themed around the season, each brainteaser features a puzzle or image that needs to be spotted, but how long will it take you to find it?

The tests have had people squinting and staring, trying to figure t hem out, but how will you fare? Work out all six puzzles below and find the answers at the bottom.

Spring Wordle


Can you guess the final word?

78% of people took less than a minute to work out the word while over a third (35%) of people couldn’t find it at all and gave up.

Delightful Daffodils


There's a hidden image amongst the daffodils but how long will it take you to sot the item, we'll give you a clue, they can be worn in the rain.

The average time taken to solve this brain teaser was 38 seconds.

Easter Addition


This easter themed maths puzzle took an average of 62 seconds to solve, but can you beat the time?

Hot Cross Buns


One of these hot cross buns doesn’t match the rest of them but can you spot which one it is?

The average time to solve this puzzle was 56 seconds.

April Showers


Can you find the hidden sunshine in this image?

Two thirds of people managed tospot it in under 60 seconds.

Pancake Day


There’s a hidden ingredient somewhere in this image and it’s not as sweet as you’d think? How long will it take you?

The average time to solve this puzzle was just over a minute.


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