A Nation of Pet Lovers

A Nation of Pet Lovers

Whether they're tall, short, scaly or furry, there's no denying that our pets bring an endless amount of joy into the home. Some are experts when it comes to cuddling, others are just plain goofy, and a select few seem to think they rule the roost. Whatever their quirks, we love them all the same.

Recently here at GalaBingo.com, we conducted a survey to see just how much Brits adore their pets. With a massive 82% of participants revealing their pet can cheer them up even on a particularly gloomy day, it's safe to say they take up a huge space in our hearts. Dogs came out on top as the biggest mood boosters, with their excitable nature and cute wagging tails crowning them the most emotionally uplifting pet to own.

In fact, our pets mean so much to us that they're even considered to be part of the family - for 62% of Brits at least. And, treating them as you would any other family member, 1 in 10 dog owners claim to have celebrated their dog's birthday with an extra special birthday cake! It sounds delightful, especially as we love having an excuse to sing Happy Birthday here at Gala, but we have a feeling that this kind of birthday cake won't be one we want a slice of!

It's easy to see how we can become so attached to our furry friends. Over half of those asked said that they adore their pets' unique personalities, with cat owners mentioning this frequently. Yes, they might be sassy at times, but we definitely agree that cats have their own characteristics that make us feel like they’re really just miniature, fluffy humans.

Not only do we love spending time with our pets, we love spending money on our pets too. With 34% of pet owners stating that spending time with their pet was their favourite pastime, it's understandable that we enjoy splashing our cash on them, with some even buying their pets Christmas presents! It turns out, dog owners in Edinburgh are the most likely to purchase their pets gifts. The super-generous Scots have spent hundreds, with 34% spending over £200 a month and a small, 2% admitting to spending £400 plus. We're not sure what they're buying, but we have a feeling there are some seriously pampered pooches walking around in Scotland's capital!

It's pretty bad news for dogs in Belfast though, with 45% of owners spending under £30 a month on them. We're kidding, of course. We reckon £30 is enough to keep one dog seriously happy, with treats, toys and food!

Almost half of Brits can't imagine living without a pet and it seems that so many of us share a bond with our animals that can't be broken. From cats and dogs to horses and snakes, it's safe to say that we're a nation of true pet lovers!