Alison Hammond

Get the Strictly Scoop with Alison Hammond

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled on the remaining contestants as the standard is so high this year, with the likes of Pixie Lott, Frankie Sandford and Caroline Flack doing it for the girls, and Mark Wright, Simon Webbe and Jake Wood putting in an impressive performance for the boys.

Here's a look back at the excitement Alison felt at the start of the show:

You've been in Big Brother, I'm A Celebrity and now Strictly, how do you think this challenge will be different?

It's completely different already, I'm learning how to dance correctly instead of just bopping around, It's all very technical and I need to be on point I can't just style it out! I'm in love with dancing so I can't wait to bring this challenge on.

How seriously will you be taking the competition element?

I'm taking it very seriously so is Aljaz my dance partner he won the show last year with Abby Clancy and he is already working me hard after 1 session. There is no messing around from 9am when we get in the studio, we didn't even have time for lunch on our first session. We really want that Glitter Ball this year again.

What are you looking forward to most?

The Salsa dancing routines and the costumes I love Salsa music and the costumes are just so amazing.

Who's your favourite dancer/judge/presenter?

Well so far my favourite judge is Craig he's been extremely friendly to me backstage and really welcomed me. Len scares me a bit but I want to hear good comments from him it's important I impress him when I'm dancing. Male Dancers I love Brendan, Anton and of course my partner Aljaz. I've always had a soft spot for Brendan, but I did really want Aljaz to be my partner after meeting him right in the beginning, he's so lovely. And out of the girl dancers I love Janette she's so tiny you should see her little costumes and she's always happy and smiling backstage.

What kind of costume would you like best?

Anything with tassels on I love as they look really good on you moving around when you're dancing, and any costume with as many sequins and glitter on as possible, I want to look like a big sequin flashing around on the dance floor. The costumes are not shown to us until the night before so we have no idea what colour they are or what they look like until the day before the dance. All sequins are hand sown on and the costumes are worth a lot of money unfortunately we don't get to keep them .

What do you think will be your favourite dance?

Definitely the Salsa I love Salsa music but the dance also has only 3 steps in it so it's easier to learn.

Can you let us in on any Strictly secrets this year?

Well when we all meet for the first time we are put in a big circle and the dancers start in front of one person each, they do 3 dance steps and move on so the circle is moving all the time. People are watching us to see who looks good with who and the chemistry between us. Another big secret is all the girl contestants have started a WhatsApp group and we share pictures and stories with each other so we are in contact at all time it's really lovely.

We're over the moon Strictly is back on our screens following the glittering launch night. We'll be tuning in every weekend to follow Alison's progress and know that she will do an amazing job sparkling on the dance-floor every week. Good luck Alison!