57% of Brits have a love affair with Benidorm

  • 23% would move to live in Benidorm
  • Weather the main draw, followed by family activities
  • 20% say the TV show made them visit
  • 10% prefer Benidorm over NY, Las Vegas and Australia

When it comes to sunshine, great food and family activities, Benidorm is hard to beat. It's no wonder the Spanish hot spot is making waves amongst Brits looking for the perfect family getaway this summer.

And will we all be lining up to do the conga in our swimsuits or taking a quieter backseat to the Spanish party scene?

  • Top 5 Reasons To Love Benidorm
    As Voted For by Brits
    1. Weather
    2. Family Activities
    3. Food
    4. Entertainment
    5. People
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1,000 people surveyed by Gala revealed why they choose Benidorm when considering their holiday options. 47% said Benidorm gives great value for money and 26% said a friend or family member had recommended it. 20% of respondents said watching the TV show ‘Benidorm', starring Sherrie Hewson and Jake Canuso, said it influenced their decision.Most people say they have visited Benidorm once, but 16% said 3 times and even 4% say they have been a whopping 6 times or more!

It seems many Brits can't wait to get back to the beaches there in southern Spain. But is that enough to lure them away for longer? Turns out that's a yes, as 23% of Brits say they would live in Benidorm if they could. It's the men that are more likely to move out there at 22% compared to just 17% of women.

After 83% of us choosing 3-4 star hotels and having saved so much money, it's said that 54% of holiday makers will spend more on luxuries through their trip.

  • Where Brits Splash the Cash in Benidorm
    1. Excursions
    2. Shopping
    3. Expensive Restaurants
    4. Cocktails
    5. Souvenirs
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Exactly which Brits love Benidorm the most? Those in Northern Ireland are most likely to make the trip with 34% saying they love Benidorm. 12% of the northern Irish have been there over 6 times! East Midland dwellers are sun seekers, with 92% stating they go there for the great weather.

To celebrate Britain's love for all things Benidorm, Gala Bingo will be running a number of competitions and games, including giving away 14 holidays.