Brits behind closed doors

From nail biting and nose picking to burping loudly at the table, we all have a few bad manners we'd rather not talk about. But do modern Brits still feel the same about acts of common courtesy, or have our feelings towards the likes of public spot squeezers and messy eaters changed?

In our recent survey, we asked members of the British public about particular 'unsavoury' behaviours and how they'd feel if they saw someone doing something like eating with their hands in public. A huge 40% admitted that they actively hide certain behaviours from other people - yup, including partners and family members - while just 2% believed they acted exactly the same in a public space as they would when alone in their own bedroom. But what behaviours are still frowned upon, and how do Brits feel about newer habits, like taking public selfies or getting ready on the train?

Daily ablutions

It's all natural, yet Brits seem to get embarrassed about bodily functions more than anything else. So much so, in fact, that the top four acts regarded as distasteful when carried out in public were all to do with our daily ablutions.

Passing gas took the top spot, with 64% finding it pretty gross if they heard someone do it in a public space. Even though it can't be helped, it seems us Brits will still frown upon the act - and turn bright red if we're the culprit!

Picking your nose and using the toilet with the door open weren't far behind, with 60% and 57% respectively marking the acts as a rude thing to do in public. However, 5% said they'd be fine going to the loo with the door open - a stat we found pretty hard to believe. We don't know about you, but we wouldn't fancy having a chat with a stranger and making awkward eye contact while reaching for the toilet roll!

Burping out loud was an action 55% of our survey participants found unacceptable too. Even though over 50% claimed that they'd happily do this alone, only 11% felt comfortable enough to do this around friends, work colleagues or strangers.

Table manners

Parents put a lot of focus on good table manners, but how do Brits feel about certain acts now they're all grown up? Did all that whining about keeping elbows off the table and chewing politely pay off, or do we now feel comfortable sharing our bad table habits with other diners?

The most sinful habit, as rated by the nation, is using dirty cutlery. Just 0.6% would be happy to do this in public, while 50% would judge if they caught someone eating with a less-than-sparkling spoon.

If you eat with your mouth open, prepare to receive some disapproving stares from passers-by - 50% find this a particularly awful habit, made even worse if the food isn't even yours. Just like Joey from Friends, it seems that Brits don't like sharing food either, with 38% revealing they'd be annoyed if someone stole a few chips off their plate in public.

Beauty habits

We all like to primp and prune ourselves, but what steps in our beauty routines are better kept behind closed doors? With the debate around women doing their makeup on the train making headlines time and time again, we asked survey participants about their feelings on the issue too.

Only 11% of Brits feel uncomfortable with the act, and we're glad the number is so low. We're all for making the most of your commute and if it means women can enjoy an extra 20 minutes in bed then it seems like great idea to us!

We're not so keen about seeing you squeezing your spots in public, however. 52% feel offended by the act, and plucking hairs seems unacceptable to 32% as well. Removing substances from your face isn't exactly pleasant… and we do have to wonder where all the stray hairs go. Yuck! As for picking your feet in public and biting your toenails… well, we'll let you guess how Brits feel about that one.

As a nation, it seems the overall consensus is that some things should simply be done in private. We are pretty accepting when it comes to take a selfie though - Instagram addicts will be delighted to hear more Brits feel comfortable taking a picture in public than they do posing alone at home!

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