Christmas Buzzword Bingo

Do you and your family say these 25 phrases on Christmas Day? Play along with Buzzword Bingo!

For all of the festive sparkle and excitement in the build-up, Christmas Day can get a little repetitive - presents, a huge dinner, games, a family row and lots of sitting around. You probably know exactly who’s going to bicker, who’ll fall asleep straight after dinner and who will ask when it’s acceptable to pop the fizz!

And we thought, why not make abingo gameout of it because who doesn’t love a good game at Christmas time?!

So, we found out the 25 top phrases said on Christmas Day across the country and created a downloadable game of Christmas Buzzword Bingo for you to tick off and play along with.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Merry Christmas’ came in first place as the most used phrase on Christmas Day. This was closely followed by ‘I’m absolutely stuffed’ and ‘What time’s dinner?’ showing just how food-orientated Christmas is for us!

To see how many of these phrases pop up on your Christmas Day, download our free game and tick off when you and your family say each thing - just for a bit of fun!

Download your Christmas Buzzword Bingo card here