Coronation Street's Top Moments

Celebrating Coronation Street's Top Moments

Here are our top moments:

Colour Broadcast – November 1969

Despite beginning with plans for just 13 episodes nine years earlier, the first episode in colour was broadcast in November of 1969. Paving the way for Bet Lynch's fabulous leopard print and the iconic Rovers Return sign.

Hilda Ogden's departure – December 1987

Still remaining one of the soap's highest rated episodes, Hilda's character departed the show at the end of 1987. Without a death, this was a highly emotional episode as she said her goodbyes to the street and we sent off the famed hair net and rollers.

Free the Weatherfield One – March 1998

Beloved Corrie character Deirdre Barlow was wrongly found guilty of fraud March 1998. After being served an 18-month prison sentence, the British public petitioned for her release with the ‘Free the Weatherfield One' campaign. It even made its way into British Parliament. The movement worked, and with backup from characters Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin, Deirdre was released.

Richard Hillman vs the Platts – March 2003

Who could forget the twisted murderer, Richard Hillman? On the run, Hillman becomes the most wanted man in Britain, returning with his sights set on the Platt family. Although originally planning to kill the family by suffocating them with gas in the garage, his plans are foiled by Audrey Roberts. The pinnacle scene was Hillman swerving into the canal with David, Sarah and Gail Platt. They all escape from the car, before Richard Hillman drowns moments later.

Coronation Street Live – December 2010

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the cast took part in a live episode. The live episode followed the dramatic effects of a tram crash, unfolding several other major storylines on the street, such as Molly and Kevin's affair, the birth of Fizz' baby, and Peter and Leanne's wedding.

We definitely couldn't celebrate the top moments without paying attention to the excellent one liners in the Corrie scripts.

Racquel Watts learning French

Upon getting French lessons from Ken Barlow, Racquel shares her existing knowledge on the language…

Raquel: "I met a French man in Corfu who taught me how to say isn't it a lovely day today."

Ken: "Right, let's put a sentence together. I want you to say to me in French 'Hello Ken. My name is Raquel. Isn't it a lovely day today?'

Raquel: "Ooh, clever. Right, here goes. ‘Bonjour Ken. Je m'appelle Raquel. Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?'"

Blanche's One Liners

After listening to the fireworks on Bonfire Night;

"I'm going for a bath with Glenn Miller. I'll pretend it's the Blitz again, best days of my life."

Gail & David Platt's relationship

"It's at times like this I can understand why some animals eat their young."

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