Dog Doppelgangers Campaign

Dog owners that look just like their furry friends

They say that, after a while, people start to look like their pets, so we thought we'd put this to the test! We challenged the public to submit photos of themselves alongside their dog doppelgangers, to see just how many of us have a furry twin.

Here are some of the cutest canine ‘mini-me's in the country!

  1. The winning picture comes from Matt and his adorable Chow Chow, Simba. Submitted by his girlfriend Sophienne, the pair share a fondness for furry, fluffy layers, as well as the same unimpressed expression. (Matt is the taller one in the photo, in case it wasn’t clear!) Hopefully Matt and Simba will be a little more excited by their prize - a fabulous overnight stay in a dog-friendly hotel.
WINNER Matt, Simba (Chow Chow) - Chester
  1. Theresa and Reddington the Pug from Glasgow were among the runners up, both appreciating keeping snug with a warm hood.
Therasa, Reddington (pug) - Glasgow
  1. Charlotte from Leeds and her Cockapoo, Albert, both have luscious curly brown locks.
Charlotte, Albert (Cockapoo) - Leeds
  1. Kenzie the Miniature Maltese and Darren from York are the spitting image of each other, but one of them might have had some help from a mask…
Darren, Kenzie (Miniature Maltese) - York
  1. Louise and Enzo, an Italian Spinoni, from Cardiff have the same focused gaze, as well as similar hair colouring.
Louise, Enzo (Italian Spinoni) - Cardiff
  1. With this filter, Nikki from Norwich and Bella the Lhasapoo look like twins.
Nikki, Bella (lhasapoo) - Norwich
  1. Jack and Gilbert the Pug from York are two peas in a pod.
Jack, Gilbert (pug) - York
  1. Gaynor from Ipswich and her Labradoodle Tabitha both rock a brown curly do.
Gaynor, Tabitha (labradoodle) - Ipswich
  1. And finally, fans of a nice headband, Holly from Leeds and Shadow the poodle are stylish icons.
Holly, Shadow (poodle) - Leeds