The nation’s easiest house chores

Revealed: The nation’s easiest house chores

  • Washing up named the easiest household chore
  • Essential hacks to speed up your cleaning routine
  • Women are twice as likely to find doing laundry easier than men

Washing up has been named the easiest household chore, with more than two in five Brits (43%) saying it's an easy task - more than any other chore.

The study, commissioned by leading UK bingo site, Gala Bingo, as part of the launch of their Walk on the Wild Side advert that features a gentleman doing backflips and summersaults as he hangs out the washing, asked 2,000 people about what household chores they find the easiest to complete.

The top 10 easiest household chores are:

  1. Washing up (43%)
  2. Laundry (40%)
  3. Wiping the counter tops (38%)
  4. Taking out the bins (36%)
  5. Feeding the pets (33%)
  6. General tidying (33%)
  7. Watering the plants (31%)
  8. Hoovering (30%)
  9. Loading the dishwasher (30%)
  10. Emptying the dishwasher (25%)

Interestingly, men were almost twice as likely to find taking the bins out easier than women (45% vs 28%), whereas women were much more inclined to complete the laundry than men (47% vs 31%).

Figures also revealed that only 2% of people find cleaning the oven easy, which is the lowest of any other household chore, followed by cleaning the windows (6%) and washing the car (6%).

To help the nation with their chores, Gala Bingo went one step further to reveal the ultimate cleaning hacks guaranteed to make cleaning your house an easier task:

  1. Keep all your cleaning essentials in one place.

Having everything you need to clean in one portable place makes it much easier to get the job done. This way you won’t waste time looking for sprays and sponges while you clean, and you won’t need to worry about gathering them before your next time. 1

  1. Create yourself a cleaning playlist.

Create a short, fun cleaning playlist and set yourself a challenge of completing one small cleaning task during the length of time of the song.2

  1. Save time on the big bathroom clean.

Keep a sponge and bathroom cleaner next to the shower and give it a quick spritz after every use to maintain and save on the big bathroom clean.3

  1. Make it a group activity.

Turn cleaning into a team effort by scheduling a time in advance with your family. Assigning tasks to each person can add some fun to cleaning, and your house will be sparkling in no time. 4

  1. Clean against the clock.

Set yourself a timer as a way to motivate yourself to finish quicker, assign a goal time for each cleaning task and then reward yourself with a break if you finish sooner. 5

Karina Adrian, head of brand marketing at Gala Bingo, said: “It’s fair to say that for many people household tasks aren’t the most enjoyable way to spend their time, but it’s interesting to see which chores the nation finds easiest.

“Keeping your home clean is good for the mind and important for your health, and that’s why we’ve set out to make life easier with some simple cleaning hacks to speed up the process.”