Brexit True or False

Are You an EU Believer?

Everywhere you look at the moment you're not far from a debate about the EU - some say we're better off with our neighbours, while others argue Britain should forge her own path.

It's a minefield of information, and whichever way you're swaying it's important you base your vote on the facts. That's a pretty tricky thing to do when neither side can be considered 100% trustworthy.

We decided to run a poll to see how likely those looking to vote Remain or Leave are to believe what they're being told.

Our survey asked 400 Brits whether they thought EU laws that have been reported by the UK media were true or false. From bendy bananas to barmaids' bosoms, the data gave us some fascinating insight.

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Overall, Remain voters are sceptics (4% more likely to believe facts are false) and Leave voters are more trusting (4% more likely to believe facts are true).

The results included some notable differences, such as:

This used to be true, but the law was withdrawn in 2008 after officials became concerned that too much food was being thrown away for being irregular - there's no such thing as ugly fruit as long as it's tasty!

In 2010 the EU decided that all food had to be priced and sold by weight rather than the number of items in a pack. You can't technically buy six eggs, ten eggs or 50 biscuits!

While bar owners have a responsibility to make sure employees aren't exposed to too much sun, there's no actual law that means chests have to be hidden away.

In 2002 suggestions were put forward to limit breeding for over 100 types of dog - led by the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, nothing ever came of initiative - an official intervention by the Queen is unconfirmed.

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