Happiest Celebrity

Who is the Happiest Celebrity Tweeter?

To kick your January blues into touch, we have been on a mission to spread some cheer and find the Happiest Celebrity on Twitter. By delving into over 100 public outpourings from 20 of our customer's favourite celebrities here at Gala Bingo HQ, we can reveal the results of the most positive tweeters - and the list of which contain some hidden surprises!

Out of the 20 celebrities we analysed, it's our favourite Essex boy Mark Wright who comes out as the most positive, whilst pop sensation Rita Ora and business woman Katie Price came in a close second and third respectively.

The positive celebs are interacting with fans on a regular basis, retweeting their message and giving an insight into what's going on behind the scenes and in their everyday lives. The likes of Beyonce, Simon Cowell and Mel B were all on the cusp of making our list, but here's the top 10 our research found:

Most Positive Tweeting Celebs Twitter Handle
1. Mark Wright https://twitter.com/markwright_
2. Rita Ora https://twitter.com/RitaOra
3. Katie Price https://twitter.com/MissKatiePrice
4. Kim Kardashian https://twitter.com/KimKardashian
5. Phillip Schofield https://twitter.com/Schofe
6. Paddy McGuiness https://twitter.com/PaddyMcGuinness
7. Gary Barlow https://twitter.com/GaryBarlow
8. Peter Andre https://twitter.com/MrPeterAndre
9. Ant & Dec https://twitter.com/antanddec
10. Gino D'Acampo https://twitter.com/Ginofantastico

Putting out an abundance of positive tweets, our very own ambassador Mark Wright regularly interacts with his fans, whether it's an award win, a new project he's working on or just what he's having for tea! A bedtime sign off is a sweet way to keep in touch with his fans, so it's clear to see why he has 2.6 million followers!

And, as you'd expect Phillip Schofield's screen wife, Holly Willoughby, shares her positivity with the nation. She might be a little quieter on Twitter than we're used to since giving birth to her third child, but as soon as there's an interesting topic being covered on This Morning we know she'll be straight back on to comment on it.