The best to worst ice lollies ranked by the nation

  • Magnum comes out as the UK’s favourite, with over a third of the votes (34%)
  • Ribena, Zap and Smarties lollies are the UK’s least favourite lollies
  • Ice cream expert reveals what your favourite says about you

As the temperatures continue to rise, the summer debate can finally be settled for once and for all: the UK’s favourite ice lolly is officially Magnum.

New research from has delved into the sweet world of ice lollies, pops and bars (namely any frozen treat that isn’t eaten with a spoon), and can reveal the nation’s favourite (and least favourite).

The UK’s best to worst ice lollies ranked are:

  1. Magnum (34%)


inside scoop 1 


  1. Cornetto (11%)
 insode scoop 2


  1. 99 (8%)


  1. Feast (7%)


  1. Solero (5%)
  2. Twister (4%)
  3. Choc Ice (4%)
  4. Cadbury Dairy Milk (3%)
  5. Fab (3%)
  6. Nobbly Bobbly (3%)
  7. Calippo (2.5%)
  8. Fruit Pastilles (2.5%)
  9. Mini Milk (2%)
  10. Rocket Lolly (2%)
  11. Bounty (1.5%)
  12. Maxibon (1.2%)
  13. Crunchie Blast (1%)
  14. Screwball (1.%)
  15. Smarties (1%)
  16. Zap (0.9%)
  17. Ice Pop (0.8%)
  18. Ribena Lolly (0.6%)

Clearly the nation’s favourite lolly, the Magnum finds many of its fans amongst pensioners, with almost half of Brits over 65 listing it as their favourite iced dessert (45%). However, for younger ice lolly fans, a Calippo is also a popular snack, with one in 10 people aged 18-24 calling it their favourite (10%).

When it comes to gender, while it came as the nation’s 5th favourite ice lolly, Solero is much preferred by women, with one in 17 listing it as their top choice (6%) compared to just 1 in 25 men (4%).

Commenting on the research, Karina Adrian, Head of Brand Marketing at, said, “There are not many things more summery than sitting in the sun with a nice ice lolly! It’s great to be able to reveal once and for all, the nation’s favourites.

“But whichever cold treats you prefer, just make sure you find some time to go out and enjoy the summer. With the long, cold winter we’ve had, we definitely deserve it!”