Gala Bingo's World's first Fish & Chips Hotel Prototype


The perfect day by the seaside includes friends, fish and chips – and the smell of fried donuts.

A survey of 2,000 adults has painted a picture of exactly what goes into a joyful day out by the sea.

With watching the waves roll in, and boats bobbing in the harbour also among the most enjoyable activities.

While a stick of rock, a pot of cockles and fish and chips - wrapped in paper – are among people’s favourite seaside snacks.

And it’s even better with friends, as 67 per cent said a hearty coastal meal is the best way to bring everyone together beside the sea.

It also emerged 45 per cent of those polled spend more time with their friends and family during the summer holidays.

Gala Bingo commissioned the research to launch its Jolly Good Fish & Chips Hotel, the first prototype of its kind in Blackpool.

A spokesperson said: "We understand that the summer and the seaside bring joy to many Brits with fish and chips being a favourite food to enjoy beside the sea.

“And this research shows how food and the seaside are inextricably linked.

“The Jolly Good Fish & Chip Hotel will encapsulate the very best bits of Britain and encourage Brits to find the little joys in life.”

The study also found 55 per cent of adults prefer to create little moments of joy at their seaside break - with a handful of smaller treats to fill the day rather than focussing the day on one big attraction.

Top reasons for this include there being something for everyone (52 per cent), the fun lasting longer, (45 per cent) and the days seem to go on longer (40 per cent).

Other things Brits find joyful about a day by the beach are hiking up and down sand dunes (29 per cent) and sunbathing on a sunny day (26 per cent).

Nearly one in four (24 per cent) love playing on the 2p machines – for the opportunity to win loads of coins – and the same amount even like the sound of seagulls wheeling overhead.

The research also showed 64 per cent would like to live by the seaside.

More than seven in 10 (72 per cent) think British beaches can make a person just as happy as those found anywhere else in the world.

However, only 15 per cent of beach visitors admit they always dip their toes in for a paddle or a swim when they do visit the seaside in the UK.

But 64 per cent believe a day at the seaside simply isn’t complete without a savoury delight from the nearest chippy.

And 68 per cent even think fish and chips taste better when enjoyed by the ocean, according to the figures.

Gala Bingo’s spokesperson added: “Readers of a certain generation will remember parents and grandparents never setting foot on the sand without a piping hot flask of tea.

“These recollections from the seaside show that just a little bit of joy can become a treasured memory for the rest of your life.

“Our Jolly Good Fish & Chip Hotel is opening its doors to seaside goers, in Blackpool, for one weekend only, on the 8-9th July, where visitors will be served free portions of fish, chips & peas.”



  1. Watching the waves roll in
  2. A walk on the pier
  3. Take away fish and chips wrapped in paper
  4. Watching the sun set over the ocean
  5. A 99 ice cream (with a flake)
  6. Taking in the general soundscape of noises you only hear at the sea
  7. Spending time with friends
  8. Looking at the boats in the harbour
  9. A picnic
  10. Walking on the sand dunes
  11. Paddling in the surf
  12. Sunbathing
  13. Playing the 2p machines
  14. Hearing the sound of the seagulls
  15. Looking in all the little one-of-a-kind shops
  16. The smell of fried donuts
  17. Finding a high spot to take in the view
  18. Cold pint
  19. Going rock pooling
  20. Eating freshly caught seafood
  21. Building a sandcastle
  22. Playing all the seaside arcade amusements     
  23. A glass of chilled white wine with your seafood
  24. Drinking a cold cider with your toes in the sand
  25. Seeing a fishing boat coming in with a haul
  26. Looking at all the pretty pastel houses
  27. Winning something out of those claw hand machines
  28. Sunset selfie
  29. Collecting polished glass pebbles
  30. Plunging into the sea all at once
  31. Being able to let the dog off the lead
  32. Finding the free attractions and ticking them off
  33. Getting a souvenir for a friend back home
  34. Deciding you want to move to the seaside and looking at house prices
  35. Beach games like volleyball
  36. Playing bat and ball
  37. A go on the dodgems
  38. Vowing to your friends you’ll do this again next year
  39. Sticking your head through one of those funny picture boards
  40. Riding a pedalo