Kings & Queens of TV

The UK’s top ten TV guilty pleasures

Do you like nothing better than sitting down and watching some daytime TV? Well, you’re not alone.

From quiz to property shows and soaps to reality TV, daytime telly brings secret joy to many Britons across the country. But which shows can Brits just not get enough of, and who has officially been crowned as the King and Queen of daytime TV?

We surveyed the nation to find out exactly what are the UK’s favourite daytime TV shows.

What daytime TV do Brits like to watch?

Coming in as the UK’s favourite TV channel was BBC1, who received 29% of the overall vote. ITV came in a close second with 26% and Channel 4 was third, somewhat far behind the two broadcasting juggernauts with 7% of the vote.

However, we did find there might be a battle of the sexes when choosing what to watch: 32% of women voted ITV as their preferred daytime TV channel, while 39% of men opted for BBC1 instead.

And as for their preferred type of daytime TV, documentaries were women’s top choice with 36% of the vote. Men, contrastingly, voted news programmes as their favourite type of daytime TV show, with 45% of the vote.

And when it comes to the largest difference in preferred telly choices between genders, reality TV took the top spot - one in three women voted reality TV as their go-to day time watch (28%), whilst only 16% of men voted it as their daytime show of choice.

Regardless of channel, it appears us Brits love nothing more than a good documentary however, as 39% of those surveyed said this was their favourite type of daytime TV programme.

News programmes followed closely with 37%, and quiz shows took third place with 35% of the overall vote.

When it comes to specifics, ITV’s This Morning was ranked as the number one programme, as 19% of the overall vote chose the lifestyle show presented by Holly and Philip as their favourite daytime TV show.

The Chase was a close second, whilst we move to BBC for third place with Bargain Hunt.

  1. This Morning (19%)
  2. The Chase (18%)
  3. Bargain Hunt (15%)
  4. Jeremy Kyle (15%)
  5. Homes Under The Hammer (14%)
  6. A Place In The Sun (12%)
  7. Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away (11%)
  8. Come Dine With Me (11%)
  9. Tipping Point (10%)
  10. Pointless (10%)

King and Queen of daytime TV

So far, we’ve established that This Morning is the UK’s favourite TV show and documentaries are our favourite genre. Now let’s look at our favourite presenters.

Although it may be the nation’s favourite, only This Morning’s Holly Willoughby made the cut as Queen of daytime TV, while Bradley Walsh, presenter of ITV’s The Chase, was crowned the king of Daytime TV. As proud sponsors of The Chase, we can’t say we were *too* surprised he came out as top. Sorry Phillip, you’ll have to settle for third place!

1.Bradley Walsh – The Chase (22%)

  1. Holly Willoughby- This Morning (20%)
  2. Phillip Schofield – This Morning (18%)
  3. Jamie Oliver – Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals (11%)
  4. Judge Rinder – Judge Rinder (10%)
  5. Tim Wonnacott – Bargain Hunt (10%)
  6. Jeremy Kyle – Jeremy Kyle (9%)
  7. Ben Shephard – Tipping Point (8%), Alexander Armstrong – Pointless (8%)
  8. Dominic Littlewood – Fake Britain (8%)
  9. Richard Osman – Pointless (7%)

But it’s not all bad news for Phillip Schofield as we actually revealed him to be the UK’s weirdest celebrity crush late last year!

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