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TV Classics Bingo

TV Show-themed Slots

If there’s one thing that Brits love more than a cup of tea, it’s got to be bingo! However, we also find it hard to be torn away from our TV screens when there’s something good on.

Some of us love to watch soaps while others like to put their feet up and test their grey cells with popular TV quiz shows.

Here at Gala Bingo, we decided to give our players the best of both worlds by taking inspiration from some of the nation’s favourite telly programmes and creating a range of exciting and innovative online bingo variants.

We’ve already mentioned our Coronation Street Bingo room, but did you know that we also offer other TV favourites such as The Chase, Emmerdale, In for a Penny, and Deal or No Deal?

There are also some superbly soapy jackpots to play for such as the Golden Cobbles Jackpot, which is exclusive to our Coronation Street room!

So, if you’re keen to know more, let us tell you more about some of our most popular TV-themed rooms and how they came about.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street, which many of us affectionately refer to as Corrie, first hit our screens in December 1960 and it’s set in the fictional town of Weatherfield.

Much of the action in Corrie is set inside the residents’ houses, although you’ll often find some of the soap’s main characters hanging out in the local pub (The Rovers Return), the garage, the butchers, the corner shop, and the textiles factory.

In Gala’s Coronation Street Bingo room, you’ll find a feast of fun bingo games to play including Underworld, Newton and Ridley Pint, Streetcars BOGOF, The Kabin, and Roy’s Rolls.

Even the bingo numbers are announced by Corrie stars such as Fred Elliot (John Savident) and Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morley). Plus, you can enjoy more than 100 archived video clips while you play.

The Coronation Street Bingo room is also home to the Corrie Jackpot and the Golden Cobbles Jackpot. So, why not pop in and take a shot at one or both of them?


The TV soap, Emmerdale, is set in the Yorkshire Dales, and we’ve been following the lives of the village’s families (including the Sugdens, the Tates, and the Dingles) since October 1972.

Some of the show’s gripping storylines over the years have seen a plane crash, a barn fire, a post office robbery, a kidnapping, a pub siege, an explosion, and a murder.

At Gala Bingo, you can enjoy more of your favourite soaps in our TV Specials room, which hosts Emmerdale Bingo games.

In each game, there are as many as five prizes to play for including a Country Miles prize and Emmerdale Trail jackpots.

The Chase

Since it made its TV debut back in 2009, The Chase has become one of the UK’s favourite game shows.

It sees a team of four contestants join forces to try and beat The Chaser and take home a shared cash prize. But, as we’ve seen time-and-time again, it’s no easy task when you’re playing against talented quizzers such as Shaun Wallace (The Dark Destroyer), Anne Hegerty (The Governess), Mark Labbett (The Beast), Jenny Ryan (The Vixen), and Paul Sinha (The Sinnerman).

At Gala Bingo, the TV Specials room regularly runs The Chase bingo games, and there’s also an exclusive jackpot and feature game to enjoy.

The Chase Bingo is a 90-ball variant which awards its Final Chase Jackpot to any player who wins the full house in 31 ball calls or less.

Full house winners also get to play The Chase feature game where they have just 10 seconds to opt for a low, mid or high-value amount before taking on one of five Chasers in a simulated round of questions.

Deal or No Deal

Do you have what it takes to beat the Banker and take home a generous cash prize in Deal or No Deal?

Since DOND first aired in 2005, we’ve never looked at a red cardboard box the same way!

Thankfully, there’s no live studio audience to add extra pressure to your performance in our Deal or No Deal Bingo games, and you can choose between the 90-ball and 75-ball version.

Deal or No Deal Bingo is one of our most interactive bingo games, in which your vote could help to determine the lucky winner’s prize, if you fail to win it yourself.

Each game includes a prize board and a series of boxes to replicate the excitement of a live TV game show. Plus, there’s a networked jackpot of more than £10,000 up for grabs.

In for a Penny

As well as offering an exclusive In for a Penny video slot, from time to time, Gala Bingo also operates In for a Penny Bingo games which are inspired by the popular game show, hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

Plus, it’s a case of penny by name, penny by nature as In for a Penny Bingo tickets at Gala only cost between 1p and 2p each.