What makes the nation happy?

Whether it's spending time with your family, hanging out with mates or even just having a little quiet time to yourself, finding time to do the things that make us happy is so important. That's why in light of this year's International Happiness Day, we've surveyed the nation to find out just what puts a smile on our faces.

Family fun times

As much as we might like to complain about them, spending time with our families is actually what makes us the happiest. 46% of Brits surveyed said being with family makes them happy - just don't tell them we like them really!.

Jolly holidays

Not far behind, 34% of Brits said going on their holidays made them the most happy, and we can't say we blame them; just the thought of sun, sea and blue skies puts a grin on our faces!

Festive cheer

Despite all the planning and organising that's involved in the run up to the 25th, our survey told us that December is the month where most Brits are at their happiest, while October proved to be the least-happy month.

Happiness all round

As a nation, we're a pretty cheerful bunch, believe it or not! Our survey showed us that on average, we rate our happiness at an 8/10. Just one in ten (9%) said they're 100% happy, and the same amount said they'd rate their happiness at a 4/10 or less.

How to find happy in a busy week

From our survey results, it seems it's the simple things that often have the biggest impact in terms of our happiness. So how about factoring in a few little treats during the week? A little lift every now and again can do wonders for your motivation.

  • Plan in a little ‘me-time'

Don't be afraid to say no to busy plans when you're in need of a little time to yourself. After all, 23% said relaxing or a little peace and quiet made them the most happy, so why not book in some mid-week chill time? Whether it's a spa treatment, a long soak in the tub with your favourite book or simply watching a film on the sofa, a little space can work wonders.

  • Make a favourite meal planner

As eating favourite foods was something 25% of survey respondents said made them happy, how about incorporating a few into your weekly meals? Now that doesn't mean it's okay to have pancakes and ice cream for dinner every night, but there's nothing wrong with a little pick-me-up treat from time to time!

  • See your favourite band

One in ten Brits said seeing their favourite band would be the happiest moment in their lives, so why not make that dream a reality? Get checking your favourite artist's website, or even check out a few local gigs, you never know when you might find a new favourite.

  • Get busy at work

Our survey told us that 24% of the men that responded are made happy by a new job or progressing in their career, so why not set yourself a few career targets? Setting frequent, achievable goals can help you to feel satisfied in your work.  

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Survey information: 1,014 Brits polled by GalaBingo.com in March 2017.