Let's get quizzical! 10 top entertainment facts

10 Top entertainment facts You didn't know

We're celebrating our recent partnership with ITV's The Chase by brushing up on a spot of trivia. Ready to challenge the Chasers on entertainment? Our top 10 facts is essential revision!

  1. If you're an ABBA fan, you're in good company as the Queen Mother also enjoyed a spot of the Swedish four. In fact, it's said that band member Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote the hit ‘Dancing Queen' for the royal matriarch after a bash at Glamis Castle. SOURCE
  2. If appearing in soaps were an Olympic sport, they would need to invent a new medal for Bill Roache. He's the longest-serving actor on Corrie and has appeared in a whopping 4,178 episodes since 1960! SOURCE
  3. It seems modern-day crooner Michael Buble is every inch as romantic as his songs suggest. He and wife Luisana honeymooned at Disney World and slept in Cinderella's Castle. SOURCE
  4. When you think of Star Wars, the name Darth Vader quickly springs to mind. What's interesting however, is that during the original trilogy, Vader only had 37 minutes of screen time. SOURCE
  5. You may know Brian Blessed from his famously shouty role in Flash Gordon. But Brian himself is a bit of a hero: he's climbed Everest 3 times (without ever reaching the top), he's the oldest man to make it to the magnetic north pole, he once had a boxing match with the Dali Lama and even helped a women give birth in London's Richmond Park! SOURCE
  6. During the first season of the hit TV show Friends, Joey, Chandler, Monica and the gang each pocketed $22,500 per episode. However, by the time the show reached season 10, this figure has risen to a whopping $1m per episode. SOURCE
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  8. Chemistry played a huge part in the TV series, Breaking Bad. What many people don't know is that when the show's director noticed the on-screen chemistry between Jesse and Walt, he rewrote the plot of the first season to avoid killing Jesse off. SOURCE
  9. Having five fingers may seem pretty normal to us humans, and yet in The Simpsons, only one character has all five – God. SOURCE
  10. Bob Dylan recently bagged the Nobel Prize for Literature. But there's one top spot he's not managed to get: despite having hits such as 'Like a Rolling Stone' and 'Blowin' in the Wind' tucked in his back catalogue, the American singer has never had a number one hit on the Billboard Chart. SOURCE
  11. The UK is a nation of avid TV watchers. So much so, the average person in the UK will spend 9.5 years of their life watching telly, even though nearly half of us admit to being on our phones while it's on! SOURCE

We're continuing to hit the books to bring you top trivia. There's more to come with history and science on the way, so make sure you keep one eye on our blog!