Let's get quizzical! 10 top geography facts

Geography Pub Quiz

Fancy brushing up on your geography general knowledge in time for your next pub quiz? Well, you're in luck! To celebrate our new partnership with ITV's The Chase, we've collected together these top facts about the world that would have Labbett and Wallace searching for their encyclopaedias. Here we go!

We've all heard about huge countries like America, Russia and Canada, but could you name the smallest? Overseen by the Pope, the Vatican City takes the title at just 0.44 sq km with a meagre population of 800 people.

Greenland takes a different record as the largest island in the world. It is also a pretty roomy place to live as it's one of the least densely populated countries on Earth, with only around 56,000 inhabitants.

You might think scaling Everest or K2 would be one of the most dangerous feats for climbers. But you would be wrong. Many consider the Annapurna mountain in Central Nepal to be the deadliest: by 2012 only 191 people had reached the summit, and the climb had claimed 61 lives.

You might want to grab your diving gear instead of heading to a museum next time you get a taste for being a culture vulture. It is thought that there are more treasures and historical artefacts under the Earth's oceans than in all the museums on land.

If you enjoy your own company Antarctica might be the place for you. As well as being one of the coldest and windiest places on the planet, no one lives there permanently, there are only visitors! If hustle and bustle is more your thing, the continent with the largest population is Asia, with over four billion people. SOURCE

We all battle with sat nav when trying to spell place names, but there's no such problem in Sweden and Norway! There are two villages – one in each of the countries – just called "Å", which is one of the shortest place names in the world. SOURCE

The longest mountain range in the world is the Mid Ocean Ridge. At more than 40,000 miles long, it is part of every ocean. Despite its size, the full scale of the ridge wasn't discovered until the 1950s.

The Channel Tunnel isn't just famous for the booze cruise – it's an engineering feat too. It is 23 miles long and has the longest undersea section of any tunnel in the world. SOURCE

If you don't like heights, you might want to avoid the peak of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, South America. It's one of the highest points on the planet, if you measure that as the farthest distance from Earth's surface to its centre.

Being the biggest ocean in the world, the Pacific covers about a third of the planet and is home to around 25,000 islands. SOURCE

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