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Science Pub Quiz

Fancy yourself as a bit of an amateur science professor? Do you think you know your biochemistry from your biology?

To celebrate our recent partnership with ITV's The Chase, we've been in the laboratory to bring you these superb scientific statistics. So put your science skills to the test and see how many of these fab facts you're clued up on. Remember - every day's a school day!

Despite being so small, babies have more individual bones than an adult. Babies have around 300 bones when they're born, but as children get older, those bones start to fuse together to form the 206 bones that adults have. SOURCE

Our cells are pretty impressive - you can fit around 10,000 average-sized human cells on the head of a pin. The size of cell varies depending on the type, but small red blood cells measure around 0.00076 mm.

Ever wondered how powerful lightening is? A single frightening bolt of electricity from the sky has the same amount of energy that it takes to cook 100,000 slices of toast - smokin'! SOURCE

Ever noticed how cats like to snooze? Well our feline friends actually spend two thirds (66%) of their lives asleep. Good job that they have nine lives! SOURCE

You may not be-leaf this, but plants are a hugely important part of our eco-system. So important in fact, that they've actually been a part of our landscape for around 400 million years! SOURCE

For African Grey parrots, "Polly want a cracker" is merely scratching the surface of their capabilities. This particular breed of parrot can have a vocabulary of around 200 words! SOURCE

Finding the summers a little too warm? It's only going to get hotter! But don't worry, there's time yet. It is predicted that the earth will be too hot for humans, or life in fact, in around 2.3 billion years. SOURCE

It's no secret that the earth's seas are salty, but if you were to take all the salt from the oceans, you could bury all of the earth's continents under about 500 feet of the stuff! SOURCE

Most people are aware that dolphins are pretty intuitive creatures, but did you know that they actually call each other by name? Now that's communication. SOURCE

Your brain's a pretty incredible organ, so incredible that it needs more than a quarter of your body's entire oxygen intake. SOURCE

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