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There are so many ways to win when you play bingo with the Gala gang. Fancy exploring the amazing range of bingo features you can find in our rooms?

Cashpot Wheel

Full-house winners in special games will get to spin a Cashpot Wheel for an extra prize.  

Guaranteed Wins Pot

We love it when all our Gala gang gets something—that’s why we have plenty of Guaranteed Wins Pots in our games. With this, you’re guaranteed a share of cash at the end of the game if you’ve bought at least one ticket to it and didn’t already win a line, full house, feature, or jackpot prize. 


This is great if you want more chances to win, as the Superbooks feature lets you buy extra tickets while you play a free game. So, you can dab free and paid tickets at the same time! Both ticket types come with different prize pots, too. 

Hot Ball

Our Gala gang loves a bit of Hot Ball excitement. At the start of the game, a Hot Ball number is randomly picked. Then, the full house player(s) win the Hot Ball prize pot if a full house is called on that special number.


Have your say! In these games, you can choose how much your tickets cost—the higher the price, the bigger the potential prize. 

Physical Prizes

Love merch? Join these special games where you could get your hands on a tangible reward, free Bingo tickets, bingo bonuses, free spins or cash!

Roll-On Bingo

The best thing here is that you have more chances of winning. In standard bingo, the game usually ends when the one-line, two-line and full-house prizes have been won. But with the roll-on feature, the game continues with extra full-house or pattern rewards up for grabs. 


If you don’t win in some of our games, you might still be in with a shot. The scratchcard feature is free and gives you another chance to win if you match three symbols. 


Close to a win but didn’t quite grab it last time? This feature might be for you. With this ‘to-go’ feature, there’s a special prize for players who have one, two, three, or even four numbers left on their tickets.  

Deal or No Deal

Lift the lid on this fun feature where a bingo ball will represent each of the famous cash briefcases. As the game plays out, a briefcase will open whenever its number is called. Then, the banker will make you an offer for your box if you win a full house.

Golden Cobbles Jackpot

This runs over different games in our Coronation Street Bingo room and is perfect for adding some extra excitement. Each time someone gets a full house, the number the win was called on will be marked off the Golden Cobbles Ticket. When this happens, the full-house winner will pocket a scoop of the jackpot depending on where the number is on the ticket:

  • Any Number: when the number marked off does not create one/two lines or a full house.
  • One Line: when the number marked off completes one horizontal line.
  • Two Lines: when the number marked off completes a second horizontal line.
  • Full House: when the number marked off is the last number.

The Chase

Get quizzical as you spin against Britain’s brainiest. Make it to the ‘Beat the Chaser’ final round, where you can choose either the high, middle, or low offer and race to make it back home – The Chase is on!

Emmerdale Country Miles

Buckle up behind the wheel of the iconic car and take in the Yorkshire scenery. Tick off your card and keep an eye on your mileage…

Emmerdale Trail Jackpots

Fill the tank and take a tour through the iconic Emmerdale village. If the car stops at any of the historic locations following a Full House call, you’ll scoop jackpot prizes!