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Rainbow Cashpots

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Is there anything more pleasing in the slot game world than enjoying a trip to the Emerald Isle? Well, you can probably think of a few things, but the association between the luscious green of the Emerald Isle and pots of gold cannot be overlooked. Naturally, people, including slot players, believe that there is good luck to be had via the place and the people within it. And, there is the tale of a pot of gold being at the end of a rainbow to consider. So, you can see Inspired Gaming’s thinking when developing this 2019 release.

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Games from the genre of Irish luck always follow a similar pattern. You could go as far as describing it as a blueprint because it always seems to work in terms of attracting players. Yes, you could argue that these titles fast become too similar. But, a move away from seeing the fields of green, and the symbols on the reels that you associate with leprechauns and the like, will devoid the title of the authenticity that many players spin the reels for in the first place. And, that would be a shame, as the game would undoubtedly lose its magic at this point.

Something else which has always been an effective part of a game from this category is the simple but effective approach. It’s not to say that those spinning the reels of video slots can’t master a more complex game, but sometimes, it’s just fun to have the simplicity of hitting Spin and watching the reels turn. So, the set-up of five reels and ten paylines is the perfect solution. Yes, you do get a feature or two, but you’re not overawed by there being too much going on. And that’s arguable the game’s most significant selling point in our eyes.

Feature Symbols

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We hinted at it above, but as you will expect, the icons in Rainbow Cash Pots are heavily theme orientated, which is what we want to see. So yes, there are four royal icons – J, Q, K and A – but they're colourful, and their design fits with the overall idea, which is excellent.

Inspired Gaming head down a familiar path with the symbols that tie into the theme. So, you’ll see items of clothing courtesy of a leprechaun, such as his boot and top hat. You then have the luck-related icons, like a four-leaf clover and golden horseshoe. And, you can’t forget that this slot is called Rainbow Cash Pots, so there are, well, pots of cash. The symbols very much look the part, and the backdrop brings everything together nicely. It’s a typical Irish-luck themed video slot, and this is what players will want to see.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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In an interesting, or you could suggest inspired move by Inspired Gaming, there is no wild icon to discuss where Rainbow Cash Pots is concerned. Now, they’re usually a must-include with slots, but as we mentioned above, this is a game where the simple but effective approach wins out. It’s worth noting the pots of cash will come with overlaid values on the reels, however, which can prove pivotal.

The only feature in the game is a cash collector bonus, where six pots of cash are needed to get things moving. When triggered, the pots of cash will lock into position, and players will have up to five spins to play through. The overlaid values at the end will combine to produce the total win.

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Rainbow Cash Pots by Inspired Gaming is a slot that sticks by tradition. It’s simple but effective. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t pots of fun to be had, or should that be cash? Either way, you will spin the reels and feel like you’re in the Emerald Isle. And, if you’re lucky, trigger the feature which can literally bless you with riches.