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Relive the glory days of Britain's best bingo halls with our fun and fast-paced Betball Bingo 80 online game here at Gala Bingo!

This easy-to-play game is fantastic fun, whether you've played online bingo before or not. Based on 80 number bingo – rather than the traditional 90 number bingo – you're provided with a bingo card with 16 numbers on.

In order to win during the gameplay of Betball Bingo 80, you must score 4 matching numbers to those that are being drawn. These four numbers can appear in various combinations on the board, including vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, the four centre squares or the four corners. To start the fantastic gameplay, simply click ‘play' and the balls will start rolling!

One of the best aspects of Betball Bingo 80 is the incremental betting that is available. As you can start betting from as little as 0.10 coins, high and lower stakes players will be able to take part in this game. And with a jackpot of a whopping 100,000 coins, there are certainly some lucrative prizes to be won.

For those players who feel confident with playing online bingo, there are also a range of bonus bets you can place to potentially help you win even more exciting prizes. You can place bets on what sort of pattern will occur on your card – that's the patterns mentioned above like four matching numbers in four corners – or the pattern that might occur on an opponent's card.

Why not give the fun-packed Betball Bingo 80 online game at a try today and score some great prizes?