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If you like bingo, but you like a bit of variety too then you'll love Bingo Scratch at Gala Bingo.

Bingo Scratch is a hybrid game - a scratchcard with a bingo theme, so you can combine two fun games in one. As with any scratchcard game, there are panels that you need to virtually ‘scratch'. In Bingo Scratch there are 18 panels to scratch, and behind each panel is a different number.

Unlike normal scratchcard games, the aim isn't to create a winning combination of numbers. Instead, in Bingo Scratch, each time you reveal a number, the corresponding number on the left hand side of the screen is daubed – because it's actually a bingo card!

Playing Bingo Scratch couldn't be easier. All you need to do to get started is to select how much you want to stake. You can wager as little as £1, up to a maximum of £5 per game and then you just hit the ‘Buy New Card' button and start scratching the panels.

To win a game of Bingo Scratch, the numbers that are daubed on your bingo card need to correspond with one of the 15 bingo patterns that are available in the game. These patterns include horizontal and vertical lines, four corners, diagonal lines or shapes including Y, T, X, a heart, a circle and an anchor. The amount you win depends on the pattern that you find on your bingo card.

Bingo Scratch is a really exciting game for those looking for something a little different. Why not give it a try at today?