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Taking scratch cards to a new level, the Elvis Rockin' and Rollin' online scratch card game at Gala Bingo is a must for any rock and roll fans.

Just like Elvis, you're sure to feel your temperature rising when you play the exciting Elvis Rockin' and Rollin' online game. This exciting and fun-packed game features funky graphics with a distinctly retro feel, and – of course – the theme is the King himself, Elvis!

Instead of the usual snaps of Elvis clad in a white jumpsuit, however, the theme is one of Elvis as a young man, with the left hand side of the page covered in photos of the handsome rock and roll star and the right featuring an old-school style record player.

Clear instructions and an easy-to-use interface make this game very simple to play, even if you're only just starting out in online gaming. First of all, you must place your stake using the buttons highlighted in the gaming screen to begin play. Then, you're ready to rock and roll!

Just like a traditional scratch card, you must scratch off the different photo icons in the three by three board you're presented with; each box will reveal a different icon of the King. Click ‘scratch all' if you want to reveal all the symbols at the same time.

In order to win in Elvis Rockin' and Rollin', you must match three matching icons in a column, row, or a diagonal line across the board – each results in a great payout, with the top score being 1000 times your original bet.

Bright graphics and a cute theme make this scratch card game excellent fun to play – why not give Elvis Rockin' and Rollin' at GalaBingo.com a try today?