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If you're a casino game fan and love the classics then Mini Roulette at Gala Bingo will be right up your street. Fun, fast and in miniature, this takes the ultimate casino games and makes it compact for your convenience.

This little roulette game packs in all of the action of its full sized counterpart but it's smaller, sleeker and with better odds too. Mini Roulette at Gala Bingo is based on the European version of this popular casino game and has the single zero rather than the American double, so the odds are slightly more to you advantage! Bet on your favourite numbers in red or black and spin the wheel to win.

You can choose to bet on the individual numbers or keep it simple and go for red or black, or perhaps an even or odd number. You can also choose to bet on the single zero, which can really tip the house edge in your favour.

As well as being a classic game that's easy to play, Mini Roulette is also a very attractive game with fantastic animation and video features that really make it a great online casino experience. Keep up with the action every time you spin the wheel with the special zoom animation feature and enjoy the smooth, bright graphics that make you feel like you're in Vegas. You can even play for free with the free-play mode and when you're ready, choose to play for real money and play alongside the high rollers. This is great for new players who might want to practice first!

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