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If you've ever spent time watching TV and shouting at those people in game shows who are doing it all wrong, then you're sure to love Play Your Cards Right - where you can be the contestant in this exciting video slot game based on that classic TV show here on Gala Bingo!

Can you play your cards right? Go higher, lower or freeze just like in the classic gameshow and there are plenty of bonus rounds too, making this a really lucrative game to play.

Fancy doubling your chances at winning? Well you can with the aptly named Double Chance Round. This bonus round is triggered when three or more Double Chance symbols appear on the left side of a line. In the Double Chance round you could get your hands on one of the pots of money that have been accumulating during the game. You'll play for the pot with the highest value first and the aim is to reach the end of the row by playing the Hi-Lo game to win the pot! If you choose to freeze and you lose, you'll automatically be moved to another line to play for the second coloured pot of cash.

The Grand Final bonus round mimics the final round of the game show. There are lines of four, four and two cards and the aim is to get to the end of the lines, working your way up. The last card on each line becomes the first card of the next one. The multipliers go up as you move up the rows, with the final row offering a huge 10x your initial bet.

Give in to the nostalgia and see if you can play your cards right at today!