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Recreate the thrills and spills of a night at the dogs with the action-packed Virtual Dogs online game at Gala Bingo.

This classic game combines a traditional betting favourite with fantastic graphics, great betting options, and some fantastic sound to make you feel like you're really having a night out at the dog track! It's also got very simple to follow instructions, ensuring that both new and more experienced gamers will enjoy Virtual Dogs.

To play Virtual Dogs at Gala Bingo, firstly select your bet from the options on offer. Just like at the real racetrack, choose which dog you think will win or place in the race, which dogs might win or lose, and exactly how much you would like to place on each individual bet. If you're new to betting on the dogs, then simply hover your mouse of each individual bet – the description will be displayed on the betting information board at the top of the screen.

Once you've selected all the bets that you wish to place for this particular race in Virtual Dogs, just click ‘bet now' and wait for the stunning animations to begin! The graphics and animation in Virtual Dogs online game really are superb; you're sure to be on the edge of your seat as your dogs race round the track and the crowd cheers them along. Plus, you can double check your winners with the cool ‘photo finish' element at the end of the race.

Great graphics, cool animations and some brilliant betting options make Virtual Dogs at a must-play game – make sure you give it a whirl today!