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Virtual Dogs is a fixed-odds game based on greyhound racing. The game allows you to bet on an either a 6-dog race or an 8-dog race and then watch the race with high quality animations.

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Placing Your Bets
Choose your stake from the selection of chips at the bottom of the screen. To place a bet, click on the dog name, the odds or on the forecast bet option of your choice.

A chip will be displayed next to the bet option you selected. To make a bet on a dog to be placed, be sure to position your chip(s) in the box to the right of the dog's name, beneath the heading 'Place'. You may place as many bets as you like on each race, provided that your potential winnings do not exceed the maximum payout for a single game. You may choose different stakes for each of your bets - just select a new chip value or place multiple chips on each bet option.

The total amount you have staked will be shown in the TOTAL STAKE box. For each bet option, the odds are displayed. Note that for place bets, the odds are one-fifth of the win odds in an 8-dog race and one-quarter of the win odds in a 6-dog race. The odds for all place bets are displayed when you roll your mouse over the box to the right of any dog's name, beneath the heading 'Place'. To bet on a single race, press 'Bet Now'.

Viewing The Race
Once you press 'Bet Now', you will be taken to the race viewer screen, and an animation of the race will be played.

Throughout the race, the three leading dogs are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

At any point during the race, you can press 'Skip' to skip to the end of the race and see the photo finish with the results

Turbo Bet
If you do not want to watch the race at all, switch on 'Turbo Bet' before you press 'Bet Now' on the betting screen. Then when you place 'Bet Now', the photo finish and the results will be displayed immediately.

Repeat Bet
By selecting ‘Repeat Bet', your chips from the previous bet are displayed on your previous selections and you may place the same bet as before by clicking ‘Bet Now'. Additionally, you can also remove the last bet placed and add further bets by placing chips on further selections. Your total bet will be shown on screen.


From the HISTORY drop-down menu you will be able to access the list of all your previous bets and transactions.

Please note: The CASHIER and HISTORY menus will only be available if you are logged in.


Trap Number
The number of the trap the dog is in when the race starts. The same odds are offered for each race, meaning Dog No.1 will always be the favourite, and so it is more likely to win and therefore has the shortest odds. The higher the trap number the less likely the dog is to win, and the longer the odds.

To Win
A Win bet is simply predicting which dog will pass the finishing line first. 
A Place bet is available to the right of the Win bet column, the odds are displayed when you place your cursor over the box. Place bets are paid out on three places, so if the dog you choose comes first, second or third, your bet wins.
A Forecast bet is where you predict first and second placed dogs in the correct order. Forecast bets are displayed in the bottom half of the screen and are shown in the following format: 3X2 17/1 etc... where 3X2 indicates that you predict Dog No.3 will come first and Dog No.2 will come second and the odds are 17/1.

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