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The objective of the game is to achieve a winning combination on any of the 9 lines available.

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Game Type

To start playing select the value of your coins and the lines you want to bet on. Lines can be selected singularly by clicking on the numbered buttons corresponding to each line next to the reels. Alternatively, to bet one coin on each line, click on theBET 20button. To bet 9 coins (the maximum) on each line click on BET MAX. When you have made your selection, click on SPIN.


The following buttons are available during the game:

Shows all the possible winning combinations of symbols and the amounts paid.

Start the slot machine.

The arrows on this button can be used to set the number of consecutive spins with the same bet selection.

If the Auto-Play has been set, this button will appear in place of the Spin button, clicking on it will interrupt the string of automatic consecutive spins.

BET 20
To bet one coin on each of the twenty lines.

To bet the maximum of 9 coins on each of the 20 lines.

To delete all bet selections.

The Game Displays

All your game details will show in the following display fields:

The coin value can be selected using the arrows on the button.

The number of lines on which a bet has been placed.

The number of bets placed.

The player's balance expressed in coins. The coin balance varies as the coin value is changed by the player.Ex:With an account balance of £500,if the coin value is set to £1, the coin balance will be 500. But if the coin value is raised to £2.50, the coin balance will appear as £200.

The Game
The game is a five-reel slot machine with a bonus round that multiplies your winnings. The goal is to achieve a winning combination of symbols on any of the 9 selectable lines. Payouts depend on the number of coins played and the winning combinations achieved as shown in the Payout table. Wins occur on selected lines only. Wins on different lines are added and the total is credited to the player's account after every successful spin.

The Bonus round
When you achieve a combination of any 4 or 5 bonus symbols on adjacent reels the bonus round starts. 

The bonus round allows you to multiply your winnings as follows:

Bonus Round Winnings = Bonus Symbol Value x Bonus Multiplier x Coins played.

Your Bonus Symbols Value depends on how may bonus symbols you obtained when you qualified for the bonus round. If you obtained any 5 adjacent bonus symbols your Bonus Symbols Value will be 2. If you obtained any 4 adjacent bonus symbols your Bonus Symbols Value will be 1. Your Bonus Multiplier will be determined at the end of the bonus round. The bonus round ends when the "END" symbol appears. All bonus multipliers are then added to determine the total Bonus Multiplier.

Your total bonus winnings will be clearly displayed on the screen before you return to the regular game.