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Fish n chips, donkeys, kiss me quick and shiny 10p pieces. Revisit the great days of seaside amusement arcade gaming! This 3-reel classic, Bar X, returns to the simple winning premise of the 1970s; place your stake, spin the reels and get 3 winning symbols on a single win line!

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Game Type

  • You can bet up to £20.
  • The minimum bet is £0.10.
  • Any winning combination of matched symbols must start from reel 1 to 3 consecutively.
  • A winning combination is considered 3 matching X or Bar symbols. 3 0 symbols is not a valid win.
  • A player can win 3 nudges. The player must use all 3 nudges available unless a win is achieved in the first or second nudge in the sequence. Nudges cannot be cancelled at any time.
  • Nudges will be retained in a players account if they are disconnected from the game before they are able to use the nudges. Nudges will be forfeited if a player chooses to manually close the game at any time.
  • A player can win holds. Players can choose to hold none, one, two or three of the reels. Players will forfeit their holds if they attempt to close the game screen.
  • Players will also forfeit any nudges or holds available if they choose to change their stake value.
  • Players also have the option to autobet up to 50 games. The autobet function will cease if the player has either holds or nudges available. Once complete the autobet function will continue from the previous state. Players will be required to press the start button to reactivate the autobet function.
  • To stop the autobet function players must click ‘cancel'.
  • We reserve the right to amend these game rules at any time.

Players can select between a number of stake values, these are outlined in the table below along with the associated pay outs for matching 3 X or Bar symbols:

Variable stakes

Matching 3 X's

Matching 3 bars































Hidden Features
There are a number of hidden features within the game play of Bar-X these are as follows:

  • If a player receives 3 holds in a row on the 3rd hold it will always result in a win, if the previous two holds were not wins. The player must have held the same symbols on the same reels in order on each of the manual holds to enable the win. The player must also have held two matching symbols and two reels; holding one symbol and one reel is not deemed eligible for this feature.
  • If a player receives manual holds after completing their nudges (and not returned a win) if they chose to not hold any reel it will result in a win

The Return to Player for Bar-X is approximately between 92-93%.

In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.